Malmesbury – The Philosophytown

A Place for Ideas for the Public

the growth of culture towns:

art in St Ives, music in Aldeburgh, Scottish culture in Ullapool, theatre in

Stratford, books in Hay-on-Wye…..

philosophy in Malmesbury



Festival of History, Ideas and Philosophy 14th, 15th and 16th October
– Thomas Hobbes Festival
– Festival of Classical Ideas
– Edward Jenner Festival of Biomedical Ethics
– Festival of Acumen and Argument

Enlightenment Enightenment 14th May
All night festival on bringing the Enlightenment into the 21st Century

Ideas of Nature and Countryside 9th and 10th July
Green issues and ethics, design of gardens and landscapes, history and philosophy of walking, natural history writers, countryside policies and issues Castle Finance

Festival of Philosophy and the Good Life date TBA
– Joseph Addison Festival of Conversation and Conviviality
– In Vino Veritas: the Festival of Wine

Projects Under Development

~ the Philosophers’ Way – a route from Oxford to Malmesbury (birthplace of Hobbes) to Bath, Bristol and Wrington (birthplace of Locke)

~ the Ideas Place – coffee house, bookshop and meeting rooms

~ a trail of stone busts of philosophers as in the herms of ancient Athens

~ a philosophy school of courses and events

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